Halloween countdown banner

On 31st October at night
"Halloween" comes to play with us!
We celebrated Halloween and enjoyed for hours at School. 
It was great!.
Now, It´s time to watch our scary movie!!!
Halloween 2012 (Primary Education)

Halloween 2012 (Pre-Primary Education)

History of Halloween

 There are many different ideas as to how Halloween celebrations started. A number of people believe that this tradition began thousands of years ago with the Celts. The Celtic people celebrated New Year’s Day on November 1st and, to protect themselves against the winter, they organized activities to scare off evil spirits the night of October 31st.

 This is one version; however, some people believe that Halloween has a shorter history.

Why do people wear costumes for Halloween?

 Wearing costumes for Halloween began hundreds of years ago. Many people believed that ghosts roamed the streets the night before All Saint’s Day so they wore masks and costumes to keep evil spirits away. In the past, aside from wearing masks, people used to also place bowls of food on their doorsteps to make sure ghosts and spirits didn’t enter in their houses.

You can play "Bob-apple" game. You put some apples in a bucket, put your hands behind your back and try to eat an apple.

You can make a Halloween lantern. You cut the pumpkin to make eyes, a nose and a mouth. You put a candle in the pumpkin.

Answer The Questions!!!


It Must Be Halloween Song

Thriller Animation (M. J.) Song

Let´s paint these scary pictures !


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